Renewable Energy

Here you can find studies and scenarios for 100% renewables.

Hermann Scheer: "100 per cent scenarios for energy supply with renewable energy". Overview, published in Hermann Scheer: Energy Autonomy. The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy, December 2006.

Hermann Scheer:"100 % Renewable Energies". Article published in "The Yearbook of Renewable Energies 1995/96: Solar Energy – What are its Driving Forces?", London, 1995.

Hans Schnitzer: "Austria: Technical and Economic Fundamentals for an Exclusively Solar-Based Energy System".. Article taken from «The Yearbook of Renewable Energies 1995/1996»

Harry Lehmann:" Energy Rich Japan". Abstract published in October 2003 on

Other studies and articles in German...

Examples for 100% renewable energy regions.

You can fing the list of 100% Renewable Energy Communities in Europehere.

The list of Communities aiming at 100% Renewable Energy Supply can be found in theCampaign and project catalogue of the EU Commission 2005-2008..

You can also take a look at the Handbook for a sustainable regional energy supply: "On the road to a 100% region" (in German), which won the German Solar Prize in 2006.

Examples for 100 % renewable energy regions in Germany and Austria (texts in English and German):

Laureates of the European Solar Prizes:

•  Bruck upon the Leitha / Lower Austria (Austria): European Solar Prize 2008.

•  Mureck / Styria (Austria): European Solar Prize 2006.

•  Jühnde / Lower Saxony (Germany): European Solar Prize

•  Güssing / Burgenland (Austria): European Solar Prize 2004.

Laureates of the German Solar Prizes:

•  Salzhemmendorf / Lower Saxony, European Solar Prize 2008

•  Morbach / Rhineland-Palatinate, European Solar Prize 2008.

•  Wildpoldsried/Bavaria,, German Solar Prize 2009.

•  Freiamt / Baden-Wuerttemberg, German Solar Prize Badge 2008

•  Bioenergy villageMauenheim / Baden-Wuerttemberg, German Solar Prize Badge 2008

Other Centres and Cities:

•  Bioenergy VillageBreuberg-Rai-Breitenbach / Hesse.

•  Bioenergy VillageOberrosphe / Hesse.

•  Bioenergy Village Lippertsreute / Baden-Wuerttemberg.

•  Lüchow-Dannenberg region / Lower Saxonia.